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Art Glass Classes & Supplies   


Thank you for visiting C3 Studios.

Who we are--

We're C3 Studios, Inc., a working glass art studio in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia.

What we do--

- Hold Workshops and Classes
- Provide Open Studio Time
- Carry Glass and PMC Supplies
- Stock Tools, Molds, Display Stands
- Sell Kilns and Kiln Time
- Provide use of a Wide Variety of
Coldworking Tools
... and much, much more!

Why we do it--

OUR MISSION: To provide an Environment for Learning by offering state-of the art techniques, technology, equipment and supplies and contract the best instructors in order to inspire and further develop the creative side in all of us.

Want to stay informed about classes and other activities? Then e-mail or phone us and ask to be put on our newsletter circulation list. You'll receive a monthly update of class and workshop offerings, notices of other activities (sales, field trips, exhibits, demonstrations, etc.), bulletin board items, the tip of the month, and photos including student's and instructor's work.

Our e-mail address is: c3studiosinc@bellsouth.net

Phone and fax number: (678) 957-9663

Mailing address: C3 Studios, Inc.
2805 Buford Hwy
Suite #106
Duluth,GA 30096

....W H A T S....N E W..?....




We recieved a few calls from people telling us that they had sent us a message using our "contact us" feature, but did not get a reply. We had the web designer look at the site and, sure enough, the system was clogged up with messages that had not been forwarded on to us. We're sorry for the inconvenience-- we weren't ignoring you, you're too important to us. It's fixed now.

\(")/ Hooray!

JUNE 2015


Since we missed our anniversary date we are going to celebrate Carol's birthday by having a big sale. We already received the glass shipment, placed it in stock, now we just need you.

JUNE 3rd through JUNE 20th

Thurs-Fri 11:00 to 6:00

Saturday 10:00 to 3:00

Due to your many requests, we will have tables available for Open Studio during the sale.

$5 off every $100 gift Certificate
20% off Olympic or Paragon kilns ( plus tax and freight) *15% on SC2's and SC3's.
45% off Special Productions and one-of-a-kinds.
20% off Fusible Thins
20% off Tekta Clear sheets
45% off Fusible 3mm sheets
20% off Vitrigraph
40% off Bullseye Molds (may not have in stock but we will order for you)
45% off Frit, Confetti & Stringer (full containers only)
45% off Rods by the pound (10% off each)
45% off Billets
1/4 sheet Dichro $60
35% off 10 or more Thinfire sheets

*Glass pricing is based on the Bullseye Manufacturing Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).
Now is the time to purchase the high dollar gold based colors as they are almost half price!

We have many special production pieces, one-of-a-kinds and unadvertised surprises for you.

KILN SPECIALS: We are offering Olympic and Paragon kilns at 20% off, with the exception of the Quikfires and SC2's and SC3's, which are 15% off. Olympic kilns has been working overtime to have their kilns in-stock when you order!

Free wooden glass crates to store your glass in at home!

Please join us for fun, friends, and great deals on your favorite glass and accessories.

We have ALL of the Bullseye 2015 new colors in stock including the newly released frits and powder colors. If you have been receiving the Bullseye Glass emails with the Special Productions and Saturday Night glass, come and see them in person. Enjoy the HUGE selection and deep discounts.

...AND pay by cash and receive an additional 2% discount

...AND bring a friend or two to shop the sale, and if s/he spends $10 or more and is not already in our database, you receive$10 in "Crazy Calie Cash" to spend on your order or future purchases.

...AND we will have more "unadvertised specials" like a 36"diameter 1/4" fiber paper disc for $15. Cut it up and use on your shelf, cut into strips for dams or liners, or use to kilncarve your glass pieces of art.

The smallish print:

Walk-ins only. Orders cannot be shipped.
First come, first served.
No sheets will be cut down smaller than 1/2. We do have a great selection of 10x10's and smaller in the bins.
It's a Great Day For Glass and looking forward to seeing you soon,

The gang at C3



It seems that there was not enough interest in the "WHAT IF CLUB" to continue offering it once a month so we are canceling the last Thursday evenings of the coming months for the meetings. Too bad as it was a great way to learn new techniques and explore "outside of the box" experiments using the rules of "glass kilnforming".


We had a great time and even had a surprise for the students. We incorporated inclusions into the art pieces.

For photos of bubbles with and without inclusions, contact us and request a full copy of this newsletter.

MAY 17


Each student produced six 6"x6" technique tiles using multiple colors of powders, clear bases, iridized bases, and tinted bases.
Whew, it was fast and furious and produced amazing results, some even look like Dichroic glass! We can not show pictures here, but you can see the work in the e-mail version of this newsletter.


JUNE 13 12:00-5:00

$125 includes all materials
CAROL WEBB, Instructor
This is a multi-tasking/learning workshop to create a beautiful kilnformed, freestanding flower sculpture for a garden, flower pot/container, or using, for an extra cost, a granite display base. You will learn:

* How to cut and assemble the glass flowers
* Firing schedules to fuse and form
* Embellsihments for the flowers including:
---Dichro Slide
---Liquid Gold Pen
---Use copper wire to make stamens
---Cold connections to assemble
---Soldering copper to make stem/leaves

No glass experience necessary. This is an intense, fast paced workshop that covers a variety of materials providing you with skills that can be used for numerous future projects. Your imagination is your only limit. You will take home your finished pieces after our firing with assembly instructions and list of materials to make more flowers on your own. We will be making Day Lilies in this workshop.

JUNE 20 12:00-4:00


$75 plus $35 materials and lab fee

CAROL WEBB, Instructor

This is an exciting new technique using copper, aluminum, brass, enamels, pigments, paints, etc. We have been experimenting with mixed mediums for a while now and we have pulled all the techniques together into one workshop to share this knowledge. This class is just a starting point for you to go back to your studio and develop your own style.



No open studio

JUNE 27 11:00-4:00


$175 includes all materials

CAROL WEBB, Instructor

This workshop is a "How To Create" a reverse relief cast glass object with the optical clarity of a furnace casting. Using an open faced mold, the end result will be a solid thick block of glass with a relief image in the back that, when viewed from the front, creates an almost holographic like images. You will learn:

* Making clay models
* Using Alginate mold making material
* Making plaster models
* Using Vermiculite board
* Using Bullseye casting billets
* Producing thick, almost bubble free glass

Pieces will be ready to pick up in approximately 1 week due to firing schedule. Class does not include any cold working you may want to do on your piece. Class will include how to clean your finished piece.

JULY 4th

CLOSED for the holiday.

Month of December, closed. I am going to South Africa for the month-- at least, that's the plan. :-)

We will be adding more to the classes like stained glass, etc. so stay tuned.


This is from Peggy M: Need something fun to display your art? Check out www.displayglassart.com.


Phone 678 957 9663, e-mail c3studiosinc@bellsouth.net, or use the form on the Contact Us page (which now works ! !)

Carol Webb


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