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Thank you for visiting C3 Studios.

Who we are--

We're C3 Studios, Inc., a working glass art studio in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia.

What we do--

- Hold Workshops and Classes
- Provide Open Studio Time
- Carry Glass and PMC Supplies
- Stock Tools, Molds, Display Stands
- Sell Kilns and Kiln Time
- Provide use of a Wide Variety of
Coldworking Tools
... and much, much more!

Why we do it--

OUR MISSION: To provide an Environment for Learning by offering state-of the art techniques, technology, equipment and supplies and contract the best instructors in order to inspire and further develop the creative side in all of us.

Want to stay informed about classes and other activities? Then e-mail or phone us and ask to be put on our newsletter circulation list. You'll receive a monthly update of class and workshop offerings, notices of other activities (sales, field trips, exhibits, demonstrations, etc.), bulletin board items, the tip of the month, and photos including student's and instructor's work.

Our e-mail address is: c3studiosinc@bellsouth.net

Phone and fax number: (678) 957-9663

Mailing address: C3 Studios, Inc.
2805 Buford Hwy
Suite #106
Duluth,GA 30096

....W H A T S....N E W..?....




We recieved a few calls from people telling us that they had sent us a message using our "contact us" feature, but did not get a reply. We had the web designer look at the site and, sure enough, the system was clogged up with messages that had not been forwarded on to us. We're sorry for the inconvenience-- we weren't ignoring you, you're too important to us. It's fixed now.

UPDATE It's NOT fixed!! Please send all correspondence directly to c3studiosinc@bellsouth.net (It seems as if it is time for a new web site design. Standby.)


WE HOPE THAT YOU HAD A HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! We are so fortunate to live in this country and are blessed by so many willing to fight to keep our freedom and independence . Have a safe and wonderful holiday.

As most of you know, there is always something going on at C3 Studios. June was a crazy (a good crazy) month. We added over 20 new students, many of them thanks to you for either bringing in your friends or just telling someone about us.


Roni W has finished her radiation with flying colors and has kicked her cancer's butt.

Deborah S (our own red-headed fire cracker bookkeeper) had her first chemo on Thursday this week. After a recommendation and much research, Deborah is using a cold cap therapy to prevent hair loss. This therapy has been around for over 15 years but is not widely used in the United States. So, 1 hour before chemo begins, a -33 degree gel cap is placed on Deborah's head, massaged every ten minutes, and caps changed every 30 minutes. This therapy continues, in Deborah's case based on the chemicals being used, for 7 hours after the chemo ends. Sounds like a lot of work (and it is) but if it saves her beautiful red hair, all will be happy. We call ourselves "TEAM DEBORAH" and hope you all put her in your prayers. Look up "COLD CAP THERAPY" on the internet for more information.

Carol, our sea turtle lover, is involved with a fantastic KickStarter project called "THE CYCLE OF LIFE", bringing awareness to the plight of our beloved sea turtles using glass art. Carol will be one of six glass artists working on this project. Check out Kathleen Sheard's website for more information on how you can help. WE NEED YOU as we can not do this by ourselves. Kathleen's web page is (finish reading the newsletter and then come back and click click on this link) CYCLE OF LIFE . One link displays rewards that can be yours for certain dollar amounts for your donation. The second link takes you to the KickStarter and tells you what it is all about.

The glass art will be a life size casting of a sea turtle using Bullseye glass and the work will be done at The Corning Museum of Glass studio in May of 2016. Do this now as time is running out. The deadline for donations is July 20th. If everyone on our email list donations as little as $5, it would really help to reach our goal! And, next time you are in C3, ask Carol to show you her sea turtle tattoo :-) She talked her dentist into letting her paint a sea turtle on her crown and fire it before placing it into her mouth. Carol just has to be a little different.

C3 just received in over 2,000 pounds of new glass. One full case is SPECIAL PRODUCTION that Bullseye Glass is calling "GLASCADIA: SUMMER 2015". Descriptions and part numbers:

Light Cyan with Red Opal 11109A-30

Black with Deco Gray Drizzle, Irid, Silver 11129B-37

White with Light Silver Gray Cascade, Irid, Silver 21113A-37

Red with White and Black Graffiti 30304A-30

French Vanilla with Light Cyan Cascade 40506A-30

White, Turquoise Blue, Pea Pod Green, Splash Mix 40623A-30

Warm White with Pine Green Transparent Cascade 41212B-30

French Vanilla with Med Amber Transparent Cascade 41212B-30

White with Black Stripes 50318A-30

Clear with White with True Blue Cascade 50318B-30

Dep Gray with Light Cyan Stripes 50318C-30

Each one is a one-of-a-kind and quantities are limited. C3 Studios IS THE ONLY place you can purchase this glass in the State of Georgia! AND we are offering the glass at 30% off Bullseye's suggested retail pricing. Ask us for suggestions on "How To" use this glass to it's fullest potential. (For more information on calculating prices, see our TIP OF THE MONTH, below.)

With this big shipment of glass, we are giving away wooden crates to store your glass in at home!

KILN SPECIALS: We are offering the new Olympic Vitrigraph Kiln at 20% off!

Olympic Kilns introduces its newest model to the Olympic Glass Kilns product line. The HB86P Vitrigraph is a 120 volt model with interior dimensions of 8" x 8" wide x 6.5" deep and temperature control by infinite switch. Vitrigraphing is made easy with an adjustable stand ranging from 23" to 33" high. The HB86P Vitrograph includes two (2) floors - one of fiber and one made of brick with holes for glass to flow through for hand or tong pulling stringers for designing, drawing and painting. Regular price $780. C3 price $624 plus pickup or delivery. Purchase through C3 and get a free Vitrigraph class and learn how to use your new kiln!

We have had many inquiries about our Open Studio pricing and policies. We are working on a written policy but here is the short version. One day Open Studio is $35 which includes one regular kiln firing, use of our hand tools including the Morton cutting system. One month of Open Studio is $135 which includes all of your regular firings (no production work), use of all the hand tools including the Morton cutting system, one storage bin and one drawer to store your glass, etc. You must have attended one of the many classes offered at C3 to qualify for Open Studio. Due to limited space and possible conflicts with classes or workshops, attendance must be prearranged.


There is essentially none! Other than the little stuff that happens in everyday life, Life Is Good as the T-shirt says :-)

It's a Great Day For Glass and looking forward to seeing you soon,

The gang at C3



C3 came to a conclusion that there was not enough interest in the "WHAT IF CLUB" so we canceled the monthly get together. Because we did not ask enough questions, we came to an incorrect conclusion. It seems that it was the meeting time when it was being offered that was the problem. So, let us know what dates and times are good for you and we will do our best to make it happen.

KILNFORMED FLOWERS FOR YOUR GARDEN was fun and, as always, produced some great pieces. This workshop was focused on the Lily. This was Pam's piece that she decided would be mounted into a piece of polished granite (available through C3 for an extra fee) and be kept in her office to make her smile.

BOX CASTING was another story. C3 planned on using plaster models approximately 1/2" tall in the boxes. Our students however had their own ideas :-)

Carol brought out her toy box and the fun began. Below are some samples of the models that were used and the plaster pieces that are in the box waiting for the glass to be fired. Of course the bigger, thicker pieces required more glass billets. Everyone was more than happy to chip in and pay the up-charge.

Can't wait to see the results using Bullseye casting billets 1842 Lt Neo Lav, 1844 Lav Green Shift Tint, 1808 Aqua Blue Tint, 1858 Lt Rhubarb Shift Tint, and 1819 Brown Topaz (not all together of course).


JULY 11 12-4

$75 plus $25 materials and lab

This one day enamels workshop includes preparation of metals, tools, equipment, application, design, firing, and finishing. Techniques covered: how to test colors, simple design, sgraffito, and more. You will leave with the knowledge of what types of enamels to use, how to use them, and with a finished piece of enameled art of your own creation. Use your imagination, create jewelry pieces or some flower pot stakes, etc. We have copper butterflies, turtles, etc or cut your own shapes. No experience necessary.

JULY 18 12-4

$85 plus $25 materials and lab

You may have worked with metals before but let us help you take it to the next level. Learn to etch your own designs onto copper or brass pieces. By etching designs onto brass, you can then use the brass as a texture plate to texture the softer copper pieces in our rolling mill. OR use both the etched brass and copper as decorative pieces. This workshop includes preparation of metals, tools, equipment, application, design, and finishing. We will also be using Alcohol Inks to color and then seal with a clear lacquer. No experience necessary.

JULY 22 12-3 OR 6-9

$75 includes materials and lab

Learn how capture nature in glass using leaves and other organic materials, glass powders, sheet glass, and fiber paper. Come relax and network with other artists. This is a great hands-on workshop to become familiar with working with glass or to learn a new technique to expand your glass palette. Bring some of your own dried flowers or leaves to use in your art piece or pick from the ones supplied with the class. No experience necessary.

JULY 25 12-4

$50 PLUS $45 materials and lab fee

We have conducted this class many times this year but have had many more requests. Come and learn the tricks the experts use to make accurate cuts including mitered edges, triangles and diamonds using the Morton System. Workshop geared to the new as well as the seasoned cold or warm glass artist. Your project will be a 9"x9" quilt pattern, of your choice, using diamond shapes that you cut. We do not use a grinder to make our pieces fit. No experience necessary.

JULY 26 1-4

$45 PLUS, $35 Materials Fee.

Learn to cut with confidence and consistency. Topics include: straight and curved cuts, perfect circles, use of tools, safety, and technique. No prior experience with glass is required.

AUGUST 1 12-3

$75 includes materials and lab

Learn how capture nature in glass using leaves and other organic materials, glass powders, sheet glass, and fiber paper. Come relax and network with other artists. This is a great hands-on workshop to become familiar with working with glass or to learn a new technique to expand your glass palette. Bring some of your own dried flowers or leaves to use in your art piece or pick from the ones supplied with the class. No experience necessary.

Month of December, closed. I am planning to go to South Africa for the month :-)

We will be adding more to the classes so stay tuned. Let us know what you are interested in and we will do our best to accommodate you.



C3 Studios is currently looking for a professional glass artist instructor to teach Stained Glass. Please contact Carol if you are interested and qualified.


We will use this section for any announcements that you may want to share with others. In addition, we would like to offer a tip or trick of the month. You can email us at


Thank you Joan for bringing this to our attention. Rumor has it that C3 Studios charges more than the Bullseye recommended pricing. This is not true, we usually charge less! When comparing pricing, do not use the C3 label price, compare the price you PAID on your receipt. The labeling is an internal code for us to use at the register. When we started selling Bullseye, glass way back when, Bullseye charged us by the pound for a full sheet, a different price for a half sheet, and a different price for a 10"x10". Then a couple years ago, Bullseye started charging a flat rate for a full sheet, a half sheet, and for a 10"x10". C3 could not change all of the inventory codes in our Point of Sale software without a whole lot of work and C3 purchases a full sheet, will cut it into a half sheet or a 10"x10" for you. Then we may have smaller pieces for you in the storage up front from classes, breakage, etc., and assorted fusing pieces in the bins for making jewelry and vitrigraph. We have one price label for all and the discounts are applied at the register.

FOR EXAMPLE: A full sheet of 0100-30 (black) at C3 is labeled $16.55 a pound. If you refer to the Bullseye catalog (that is free from C3 Studios) you will notice that this is the pricing for the 10"x10" glass. If you purchase the full sheet we count it as 7.8 pounds (no matter what it weighs as this is how we are charged by Bullseye glass). We multiply the $16.55 by 7.8 to get $129.09. We discount the full sheet by 30% which equals $90.37. Bullseye catalog for a full sheet of 0100-30 is $95.35. When you purchase on sale we discount even bigger. So please, when you are comparing prices, know what you are comparing.

If you ever have a problem with C3 or anything we do, come to us so we can either fix the problem or explain the misunderstanding.

Phone 678 957 9663, e-mail c3studiosinc@bellsouth.net. Please do not use the form on the Contact Us page, which is malfunctioning and our wed host has yet to resolve the problem.

Refer someone to C3 Studios; IF they are not in our computer database and IF they make a purchase of $10 or more, YOU get $10 in Crazy Calie Cash. CCC (C3) can be used to purchase products or as a partial payment for a workshop.

Carol Webb


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