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Thank you for visiting C3 Studios.

Who we are--

We're C3 Studios, Inc., a working glass art studio in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia.

What we do--

- Hold Workshops and Classes
- Provide Open Studio Time
- Carry Glass and PMC Supplies
- Stock Tools, Molds, Display Stands
- Sell Kilns and Kiln Time
- Provide use of a Wide Variety of
Coldworking Tools
... and much, much more!

Why we do it--

OUR MISSION: To provide an Environment for Learning by offering state-of the art techniques, technology, equipment and supplies and contract the best instructors in order to inspire and further develop the creative side in all of us.

Want to stay informed about classes and other activities? Then e-mail or phone us and ask to be put on our newsletter circulation list. You'll receive a monthly update of class and workshop offerings, notices of other activities (sales, field trips, exhibits, demonstrations, etc.), bulletin board items, the tip of the month, and photos including student's and instructor's work.

Our e-mail address is: c3studiosinc@bellsouth.net

Phone and fax number: (678) 957-9663

Mailing address: C3 Studios, Inc.
2805 Buford Hwy
Suite #106
Duluth,GA 30096

....W H A T S....N E W..?....


We have a new guest instructor, Anita Jordan, joining our team. Let me introduce her:

Anita Lockman-Jordan is the owner of Benu Glass Creations at Center Town Gallery - Suite B. The studio-gallery is located in historic Stone Mountain Village, Stone Mountain, Georgia, an Eastern Atlanta suburb. Ms. Jordan produces fused and cast glass objects that are decorative, wearable and/or functional unique art - "Everything from Glass Earrings to Glass Bathroom Sinks".
Contact Information:
Anita Jordan
Benu Glass Creations
951-B Main Street
Stone Mountain, GA 30083
Facebook - Benu Glass Creation

If you are in the market for a special gift or just browsing for yourself, it is worth a trip to Anita's gallery/studio in Stone Mountain.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!! 60+ and still going strong.

I just returned from spending the month of May working at the Corning Museum of Glass Studio on the "Cycle of Life", save the sea turtles project. The core glass srtist team each had responsibilities to create the glass art pieces to showcase on a custom 5'x6' wooden display table created by a wood working artist. We would arrive at the studio about 8 a.m. every morning and work until 10 p.m. every evening (weekends they kicked us out at 9 p.m.), seven days a week. It was intense, especially when you lived with the same people in the same house for the month. We got to know each other very well. We learned a great deal, we shared, we assisted each other, and I gained new friends. Now, as you may know, artists can be a little temperamental but we all respected each other's knowledge and gave each other the space that we may have required at times.

I have been asked, "what was it like to take the month and spend it on something that was so important to me"? Well, all I can say is, it was incredible. Without the support of Paul (my husband) and all of you, I could not have done it. With Mary taking care of the studio (with backup from Paul), Deborah taking care of the bookkeeping, and all of my regular students/friends taking care of business, I did not have to worry about what was going on at C3. With that load off of my mind, I was able to concentrate on glass, art, comradely with other artists, friendships that had started last year when we initially met to lay out the plans for the project, and my personal growth as an artist.

I was able to watch Toots Zynsky demonstrate how she was doing her new body of work. I watched other glass artists that were working on their residency programs struggle to find a path to take with their glass work. I was able to spend time at the fabulous Glass Museum. I was there for the "20th Birthday of the Studio" and got a t-shirt listing all of the teaching artists that had been at Corning for the last 20 years. Kathleen Sheard, our project leader was one of the artists listed. I purchased a few coveted pieces of glass art at the Corning Museum gift shop. Unfortunately, I could not afford the $6,500 paper weight by Paul Stankard. Oh well, I'm happy. I believe my student/friends find me more relaxed since my trip. But back to reality, I have to get some classes scheduled and figure out how to purchase glass when no one has the colors we need!

I was notified of 7 new confirmed sea turtle crawls/nests after tropical storm Colin destroyed, by drowning, the first 8 confirmed loggerhead sea turtle nests at Alligator Point Florida. I patrol there when I get a chance. Currently, tourists are walking the beaches at night with regular flash lights (no red lens), which are greatly confusing to the turtles trying to navigate back to the beach to nest.


Please, please, please do what you can to help. Go to www.kathleensheard.com and click on the Cycle of Life project or contact Carol at c3studiosinc@bellsouth.net to see how you can help and stay updated on the project.


Bullseye was already working closely with the state of Oregon when they were hit with a "cease and desist business" order. Oregon changed the "rules" and wanted immediate compliance. Give us a break, no business can turn on a dime. Bullseye Glass is doing everything possible to comply and get up and running again to full capacity as quickly as possible. As far as the class action law suit from Bullseye Glass's "good neighbors", once the company insurance and insurance lawyers take charge, Bullseye Glass really has no say as to how it is handled. From personal experience, I am told that "it is only business, it does not matter who is right or wrong, who is telling the truth or who is lying, the insurance company wants to settle for the least expensive way possible, which means not going to court. It is the same with your personal car insurance. If you have ever been involved in an accident, or even if someone claims you hit them, once the insurance kicks in, you have no say, and someone gets paid. Something wrong with this picture?

With that said, C3 has Bullseye Glass reds, oranges, greens, etc. in stock. We have another order in the works to get the new greens for you. We already have the new mixed frit waiting for you and they are gorgeous.

C3 is expecting another large order of Bullseye Glass with an array of colors that are available. Let us know if you need anything "special" like the new greens.

Looking forward to seeing you soon, the gang at C3.

C3 Studios just had an impromptu, 3 day vitrigraph marathon. As a result, we have several "grab bags" of various colors of vitrigraph for $17 (June 17 and it's my birthday). Get them while you can.

JUNE 25 12-3

LISA SAUNDERS, guest instructor
$75 plus $15 materials and lab fee

We are sure you have seen the latest coloring book craze. Well, now you can color and shade with the Glassline Paints. We have flowers or butterfly designs pre-fired for you. All you need to do is color them in. Plus, we will have some blanks for you to do some "Spin Art". This class has not been offered before so come and have some fun, relax in the air conditioning, and get in touch with the kid inside you with this new way to use glass. The possibilities are endless and no experience necessary. You do not even need to stay inside the lines!

C3 Studios will be closed Saturday, July 2nd in observance of the Fourth of July holiday. We will be open regular hours the previous week and reopen on Wednesday July 6th at 11 a.m.

JULY 9 12-4

$75 plus $35 materials and lab fee
CAROL WEBB, instructor

Learn how to cut glass using a pattern, free hand cut pieces, assemble, and fire. The piece will be kilnformed for you for pickup the following week. You will learn how to sweat solder a copper stem and leaves. Assembly parts and pieces included.

JULY 23 12-4

$75 plus $25 materials and lab fee
LISA SAUNDERS, guest instructor

This class is using frits, powders, and paints to create a winter scene on a 6"x15" clear base. It can be winter trees, houses with snow, etc. Pieces will be fired to a texture fuse and the formed on the popular double wave to create a free standing piece.

******* CORRECTED DATE ********

$75 Includes all materials and lab fee
ANITA JORDAN, guest instructor

Create 3 ceramic wall flowers in this afternoon class. Pieces will be fired and ready to pickup and hang the following Saturday, August 6th. If you choose to further embellish your flowers, join us Sunday August 7th to paint and/or create a copper tube plant stake for an additional $25. Once you have taken this class you can use C3 open studio to create more flowers by appointment.

AUGUST 7 12-3

CAROL WEBB and ANITA JORDAN, instructors

Now that you have created your ceramic flowers, what do you do with them? Well, you can hang them as they are, use a special paint on them, paint AND seal them if you want them to go outside, and/or you can add a small piece of copper tubing as a stem and to stake them outside.

We are considering doing a raku series of ceramic wall flowers! Let us know if you are interested.

AUGUST 13 12-4

$75 plus $35 Materials and lab fee.
CAROL WEBB, Instructor

This is an exciting technique using copper, aluminum, brass, enamels, etc. sandwiched between 2 pieces of glass. We have been experimenting with mixed mediums for a while now and love the look. We use Bullseye Tekta clear glass, not dull looking window float glass. For an additional fee you can upgrade one of the pieces of glass to a color, like the neo-lavender example:

This class is just a starting point for you to go back to your studio and develop your own style.

AUGUST 25 12-4

$75 plus $35 materials and lab fee
CAROL WEBB, instructor

Create a watercolor looking art piece using sandblasted glass, alcohol inks, a sealer, and the Richard LaLonde technique aluminum backing. You will use colors to your liking, seal the piece, then learn how to make the hanging system. No experience necessary.

AUGUST 27 12-4

$75 plus $35 materials and lab fee
CAROL WEBB, instructor

Create a watercolor looking art piece using sandblasted glass, alcohol inks, a sealer, and the Richard LaLonde technique aluminum backing. You will use colors to your liking, seal the piece, then learn how to make the hanging system. No experience necessary.

Register ASAP for all classes so we can make sure we have enough materials ready for your use.

We will use this section for any announcements that you may want to share with others. In addition, we would like to offer a tip or trick of the month. You can email us at info@c3studiosinc.com

New Product from Olympic Kilns - the SLIDER
Slide Your Glass Firing Up a Notch
The Slider, Olympic Kilns' newest addition to its glass firing portfolio, is a square, clamshell-designed model equipped with a sliding floor for ease in loading and glass manipulation. The sleek wood handle keeps things cool so you can concentrate on things hot. Sliders are completely assembled when shipped and are attached to an 8" or 18" tall heavy angle iron stand, ready to fire when received. Available in multiple sizes, Sliders are equipped with a 12-key digital RTC-1000 controller, or upgrade to the new GENESIS controller with touch-screen technology.

Let C3 Studios help you with your kiln requirements. Purchase from C3 and have a free class on firing and programming your new kiln!

C3 wants one of these new kilns and is offering one of our beloved Olympic Kilns, a 189EFTLC with a 12 key controller, and the kiln shelf with posts for $850. This kiln is one of our go-to kilns but we need the room for the new slider. We have maintenance performed about every 6 months on all of our kilns so they are well loved and well taken care of. Ask us for more details.

When we tell you "every kiln fires differently" we are not joking. At the Corning Museum of Glass Studio, we had access to 10 kilns. We had to learn all of the peculiarities of each and every one of them. They had 4 fairly new Paragon GL24's, we fired the same program in all of them and got slightly different results. Learn how to use your kiln. Purchase one from C3 and we will walk you through the process. We also have the Bullseye Tip Sheets in stock on how to learn to know your kiln.

Carol Webb


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